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Falling at South Carolina Theatre Association Conference (Nov '19)

Dream Lover at Suny Potsdam (Nov '19)

Recent productions include:

A Common Martyr with Cone Man Running Productions - 

A Common Martyr thrives on its convoluted interactions.  None of the characters are what they seem, all seeking understanding from their friends for their failings that they’ve obfuscated all their lives.  You’ve got Sidney trying to come to an understanding with Kim over their uncertain future. Randall obsesses over Lee while Maddison deals with her sister’s long shadow over her entire life.  The writing is concise enough so that the multitude of subplots flow around each other smoothly. Despite the multiple pairings of all the characters, the play never loses itself in the narrative. 


A Common Martyr, while dealing with romance as a theme, is not what you would call a date movie.  The future of the couples, in the end, is very much in doubt. Reality has latched on the realizations of all the friends, leaving them and the audience very much in doubt to the final fate of the characters - Red Pub (H.G.Welch)

A Common Martyr with Crow Theatre Company in NYC.  

132 with Ixion Ensemble in Michigan.

The third vignette, “One, Two, Three,” by Michael Weems, has laughable moments, but its focus on stress and memory loss makes the humor dark. - David Winklestern/Lansing City Pulse

Hitch at the Warner International Theatre Festival in Connecticut

Games We Play with Teatru Manoel Theatre in Malta.

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