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When a professional hockey team comes calling, Ben has to celebrate.  His zealous festivities leave him with an upset girlfriend, a lovelorn best friend, an underappreciated teammate, and an ankle device monitoring his movements to a probation officer.  As their final playoff game approaches, Ben not-so-deftly navigates the temptations that could potentially undercut his future and leave him with all or nothing.  


Wincing at the Light is a comedic portrayal of what can happen when loyalty, friendship, and love are forced to face off to decide the true winner.



Love Creek Productions

February 2010 - Beckmann Theatre



Coby - Thomas Wesson

Ben - Matthew Castleman

Sam - James Burke

Violet - Lauren Klemp

Krista - Asude Yucel

Sky - Heather Meagher

May - Angel Dotson


Directed by Gretchen Ferris


Beckmann Theatre

314 West 54th Street, New York, NY

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