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In his short dating life, Tim's never gotten a written invitation to a blind date.  He's never been on a picnic to the outdoors; never met someone who refused to own any kind of electronic device; or who would eagerly watch a hockey game with him.  Tim's never been in love.  Tim's never met a girl like Eva.


With practically nothing in common, Tim and Eva tip toe into an unexpected relationship – aided by their mutual desire to find the right person and avoiding the less than helpful advice Tim’s roommate Ronnie.   As their undeniable differences start to mount, the luster starts to fade on both Tim and Eva, and the couple is left wondering if they will be able to learn the art of sacrifice before it’s too late?



Cone Man Running Productions

January 2016 - Obsidian Theatre

"All parts of the play hit, there is no lag while the story develops...It's good for the long time theater goer or some one looking for a unique date night."

- Red Publication​



Tim - Conor Farrell

Eva - Cassandra Austen

Ronnie - Steve Brown


Directed by Christine Weems


Obsidian Theatre

3522 White Oak Drive

Houston, Texas 77027


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