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Dennis’ world comes crashing down when he is told by his long-suffering wife, that he simply is not giving enough. While he handles this admirably at first, trying to prove this false through everyday moments, his obsession with giving reaches new heights and even his closest family and friends worry for his sanity.



Cone Man Running Productions

August 2015 - Obsidian Theatre

"GIVE TAKE is actually a fun comedy about divorce. That's a rare animal for sure! It does navigate the terribly dark waters of the human soul in marital crisis quite nimbly thanks to a cast that's up to the challenge to make it funny."  - Brett Cullum, Broadway World Houston



Lindsay Hamilton - Autumn Clack
Dennis Hamilton - Bryan Maynard
Rick Carlisle - Michael Raabe
Henry Hamilton - Roy Hamlin
Vance O'Bannon - Tad Howington
Milly Rubenstein - Callina Situka
Rebecca Meyers - Kim McMillen
Faith Donahue - Martha Rojas
Cesar - Eduardo Lopez
Lucy - Jada August
Hostess - Katie Tran


Directed by Debra Schultz


Obsidian Theatre

3522 White Oak, Houston, Texas


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