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A full length play comprised of four vignettes – each exploring differences in bedside manner, expectations, and lies.




Love Creek Productions

October 2009 - The Producers Club

LAUGH RIOT - A couple on a second date encounters differences in their views on the levity of sex. (1 man/1 woman)


Heather - Jennifer Dignan

Joseph - Thomas Wesson


Directed by Michael Hagins



TOY STORE - A lesbian couple has their love life thrown out of whack when a certain toy is introduced to enliven their bedside manner. (2 women)


Haley - Karen Brelsford

Taylor - Dana Pelevine


Directed by Michael Weems



RUN, RUN AWAY - As a young man elopes, his best man blindly accompanies him, only to witness a world of complications lies hours ahead. (2 men)


Ted - Michael Bordwell

Barry - Charlie Foster


Directed by Paul Hansen



COFFEE, TEA, ME? - A one night stand finds the unsuspecting without clothes and forced to wait out the day together. (1 man/1 woman)


Courtney - Erin Beirnard

Dylan - Mark Levy

Directed by Michael Hagins



The Producers Club

358 WEst 44th Street, New York City, NY


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