A full length play comprised of four vignettes – each exploring differences in bedside manner, expectations, and lies.




Love Creek Productions

October 2009 - The Producers Club

LAUGH RIOT - A couple on a second date encounters differences in their views on the levity of sex. (1 man/1 woman)


Heather - Jennifer Dignan

Joseph - Thomas Wesson


Directed by Michael Hagins



TOY STORE - A lesbian couple has their love life thrown out of whack when a certain toy is introduced to enliven their bedside manner. (2 women)


Haley - Karen Brelsford

Taylor - Dana Pelevine


Directed by Michael Weems



RUN, RUN AWAY - As a young man elopes, his best man blindly accompanies him, only to witness a world of complications lies hours ahead. (2 men)


Ted - Michael Bordwell

Barry - Charlie Foster


Directed by Paul Hansen



COFFEE, TEA, ME? - A one night stand finds the unsuspecting without clothes and forced to wait out the day together. (1 man/1 woman)


Courtney - Erin Beirnard

Dylan - Mark Levy

Directed by Michael Hagins



The Producers Club

358 WEst 44th Street, New York City, NY



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.