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If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, change the locks.


Two couples - a tried and tired doctor and his society wife and a young lesbian couple who aren't quite revealed to the public, enter couples therapy to save their relationships. They meet Agatha who has instituted "separation therapy" in the hopes of reconnecting her wayward clients. When the therapy goes awry, they each find a certain truth in distance from their significant others, and are faced with the choice of acceptance or breaking the rules to reach their desire. Bludgeon the Lime is a comical tale that explores these divergent relationships and shows how a little space to breathe can do wonders.




Phare Play Productions

May 2009 - Beckmann Theatre


Dr. Hal Kelly - Jim Heaphy*

Donna Kelly - Kendall Zwillman*

Agatha Myers - Meaghan Reilly

Ruby Myers - Meagan Robar

Henry Mills - Jade Rothman

Lynne Williams - Leticia Diaz

Morgan White - Rocio Mendez


*Member of Actors Equity Association


Directed by Brooklyn Scalzo

Assistant Director - Gretchen Ferris


Beckmann Theatre

314 West 54th Street, New York, NY

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