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A short play collection which looks at being a dad from various perspectives - at times heart warming, always comical and a reminder about the joys - and fears - of being a father.

This short play collection contains the following:


SNIP  (1m, 1f)  Did your last vacation include lying to your wife about an unsafely performed medical procedure? Did it involve your high level of intoxication and sheer disregard for body, family, health, and future? Did it really, really hurt for a week afterwards? No? Ted's did. Ted's got some explaining to do.  Premiered at Carte Blanche New American Plays Festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in January 2012.  It was directed by Clayton Hamburg and starred Derek Woerpel and Ellen Dunphy.


GOOD TALK (2m) Every father dreads the day of ‘the big talk’ with his son.  What happens when the son has a few secrets to reveal to dear old dad? Premiered at Love Creek Productions Spring Showers series in New York City, New York in May 2013.  It was directed by Seth Livingston and starred Dustin Minore and Anthony Allutto.


WHERE THE TRUTH LIES (4m, 1f)  An urban legend has come true. There once was a tale of a mysterious man, an enigma who turned men's lives upside down. They would lose sleep, gain weight, and find hair mysteriously gone white. He is... 'The Baby Maker' – natural ally to the ticking clocks of women and nemesis to modern man. Today, he's been spotted. Hide your wives...  Premiered at Scriptwriters/Houston 10x10 Festival in Houston, Texas in July 2011.  It was directed by James Reed and cast included Bob Galley, Steve Dowell, Cory Kelley, Melanie Martin and Scott McWhirter.


FUZZY RED HAT (2m, 1f)  While most families are putting up the last stocking on Christmas Eve – Joe's night finds him in a rundown mall – attempting to convince Santa to reconsider his daughter's selfless Christmas wish. What do you do when 'Santa' is the one needing an infusion of holiday spirit(s)?  Premiered at n.u.f.a.n. ensemble's Seven Plays in Seven Holi-Days in Chicago, Illinois in December 2011.  It was directed by Jane Allyson and starred Paul Barile, Mark D'Arienzo and Megan Farris.


BOOK OF LOVE (1m, 1f) Tara is a love machine. Tara is a love machine with a penchant for taking detailed notes immediately after her encounters. Tara is a love machine who is going to have that baby whether her hubby, Will, wants it or not. Tara is a love machine that's gone a little haywire and with only one route back to reality - Will.  Premiered at Cone Man Running Productions' A Smattering of Theatre in Houston, Texas in October, 2010.  It was directed by Sam Schneur and starred Eddie Rodriguez and Trish Needom.

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