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Between Elizabeth's 'loving' emasculation of any man nearby, George's rampant paranoia that the sexiest girl ever - Cassandra - will make him her bitch, and Ryan's maniac nightmares of his castrating fiancé, these roommates and the rest of the myriad ensemble throw together a slap dash party to inevitably fulfill their sad destinies through wildly mismatched love affairs, life-altering prank phone calls, and the perpetual misconnection between an ambitious TV journalist-to-be and the guy next door.


Fragments invites you to laugh at their misfortune, empathize if you’ve gone through it too recently, and reminisce on when you were so naïve and fondly wonder…. What the hell was I thinking?!


Fragments is also available for option or purchase as a full length screenplay.


































Little Hibiscus Productions

July 2008 - Matthew Corozine Studios


Ryan - Blake Bradford

Elizabeth - Alix Liiv

Sam - Bill Bria

George - Kevin Michael Murphy*

Paige - Holly Kay Roberts

Cassandra - Tanya Fazal


*Member of Actors Equity Association


Directed by Christine Vinh


Matthew Corozine Studio

200 West 43rd Street, New York, NY


Summerfest 2009

July 2009 - Manhattan Repertory Theatre


Ryan - Adam Files

Elizabeth - Erin Sullivan

Sam - Michael Weems

George - Charlie Foster

Paige - Meghan Reilly

Cassandra - Alicia St. Louis


Directed by Christine Vinh Weems


Manhattan Repertory Theatre

303 West 42nd Street, New York, NY

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