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Onward, Forward is a comic look at the ongoing relationship between Joe, a disgruntled folk singer dying to rock out and his songwriter/manager, Ryan who searches for a cure to life in the offices of whichever doctor his insurance will allow. Their frustrating friendship is put to the test in suburbia where what starts as a typical gig leads to encounters with a sharp-witted single mother, a sorority girl looking for a way to entertain herself for the summer, and parents that seem harmless on the outside. As their musical pit stop gets extended, Joe and Ryan find themselves in a situation that threatens to make them lose who they are and who they want to be.


Onward, Forward provides a humorous and moving telling of a story about staying in touch with reality, valuing friends and family, and knowing when to let go.



Little Hibiscus Productions

December 2008 - Beckmann Theatre

 "[T]his is a well-written play that could have, under bad direction, been filled with over-the-top and clichéd performances, but with fine actors and under the able direction of Karen M. Dabney, it is about the story and the people, not about mannerisms and being clownish." - Robert Barry Francos,



Ryan Franklin - Michael Weems

Joe Tully - Bill Bria

Cara Rawley - Whit Elliott

Lauren Clayton - Shuo Zhang

Stacy Alder - Rachel Dorfman

Mrs. Clayton - Alixx Schottland

Ralph Clayton - Gregory Taft Gerard

Ted Reeves - Theodore White


Directed by Karen Dabney


Beckmann Theatre

314 West 54th Street, New York, NY

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