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Bar bets can be a sport...


Can revenge be acquired by jilted women - mercilessly seeking a patsy for one night?  In turn, the men are plotting a nearly identical plot.  As the knots untangle and true motivations are revealed, all that's left is a ring, a few promises and a few newly made pacts.  Okay Better Best dares to explore modern expectations on gender roles, the fear of change and the smile we all hide behind.


Okay Better Best nominated for best new play – Houston Broadway World Awards – 2013.



Cone Man Running Productions

March 2013 - Obsidian Art Space

"Michael Weems' script for OKAY BETTER BEST is inspiringly realistic, creating characters that appear to have been plucked from any New York City bar and placed on stage for us to watch. Their actions are relatable, plausible even. The dialogue is fresh and contemporary, which makes the characters all the more appealing and pragmatic. In the first act, he cleverly builds and drops momentum so that each character's arc and individual plot is clearly established and explored. The second act moves with a steady and completely intriguing pace and expertly resolves every element introduced in the first act."

- David Clarke, Houston Broadway World



Tricia - Margaret Lewis

Eve - Lauren Hainley

Anne - Katherine Rinaldi

Leif - Ross Childs

Martin - Russell Pierre

Chad - James Wetuski

Jenny - Jessica Bell


Directed by Sam Martinez


Obsidian Art Space

3522 White Oak, Houston, Texas

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