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A house brought together by marriage - divided.


The Edelbraham Pact of 1978 (the brain child of Phil Edel and Victor Abraham), a fraternal bond brought together by life -long friends, is proposed the night before June Edel’s 18th birthday.  Its purpose?  To bring their families and more specifically their children together in an American arranged marriage so that they will always sustain as soul mates.  One slight problem.  What will the unknowing women say?  A resounding ‘no’, would severely underestimate their reaction.  The appropriate chaos follows, with each family falling apart alone and rallying together - ultimately finding the true motivations of each man.


(Scattered) Arranged is a comedic, but touching trip to discover whether Phil and Victor can create a family or slow down and appreciate the one’s they already have before it’s too late. 




Staged Reading

March 2012 - Country Playhouse


Phillip Edel - Sam Smith

Estella Edel - Melissa Mumper

June Edel - Lauren Hainley

Bruce Edel - Nicholas Garelick

Arthur Edel - Carl Masterson

Victor Abraham - Mark Stanley

Alexander Abraham - Julio Morales

Amanda Leaf - Renata Santoro Smith

Lucinda Lopez - Ruth S. McCleskey


Directed by L. Robert Westeen


Country Playhouse

12802 Queensbury Lane, Houston, TX

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